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22-Jan-2018 20:19

She has been under investigation since last year when her fourth husband, Isao Kakehi, became ill at home and then was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead on December 28. An autopsy found highly toxic cyanide levels in the blood of the not-so-dearly departed. The police investigation has spanned nearly 11 months, and along the way investigators discovered that, dating back to 1994, many of the men in the widow Kakehi's life have passed away under suspicious circumstances: her first husband died at age 54; four other men who married her or had become well acquainted with her have died since.

In September of last year, her 75-year-old boyfriend suddenly became ill after the couple ate together at a restaurant, and he subsequently died.

The woman under investigation now is the latest in a line of what are called dokufu, poison ladies, who have a penchant for snuffing their partners to collect insurance money and inheritances.

In this case the alleged killer is named Chisake Kakehi.

I have no idea."According to medical experts, cyanide compounds are extremely bitter and toxic; generally speaking, they can't be ingested orally without the victim vomiting or spitting out the substance immediately.

Police detected a fatal dose of cyanide in Kakeshi’s husband’s stomach and blood, but did not find traces of the poison around his mouth, nor traces of vomit in the house.

Kakehi has been interviewed several times by the Japanese media since the police began the investigation last December.

In Japan they’re becoming something of a tradition.

Police allege the man was in a close relationship with Kakehi and they are investigating the details of his passing.

The cops say Kakehi gained several hundred million yen in inheritance from the deaths over the years.

She drugged her victims with sleeping tablets and then killed them by burning charcoal briquettes, which caused the victims to die from fatal carbon dioxide poisoning. Kijima is awaiting the outcome of an appeal to the Japanese Supreme Court.

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Her life and court-room trials became the subject of a best-selling book Poison Lady: 100 Days Of Watching The Trial of Kijima Kanae written by the famous essayist, Minori Kitahara, who is known for her dokuzetsu (poison tongue), speaking figuratively, of course.Now that police investigators have discovered empty medicine capsules in Kakeshi’s second home, and traces of cyanide in her personal effects, they have formulated the following hypothesis: They suspect that Kakehi filled the capsules with cyanide and gave them to her husband on December 28, possibly telling him they were medicine, causing him to die from cyanide poisoning around p.m.

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