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- UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen recently made waves when he was quoted as saying, “football and school don’t go together,” meaning that the requirements of college football and being a student are like two full-time jobs. Meet Joe Jones.“I have degrees in communication studies and economics with a minor in business.”Even more impressive, the Cowboys rookie linebacker earned these credentials at Northwestern University, which is annually ranked as one the nation’s toughest academic institutions.

He also held two jobs and helped out with a third at times during his tenure there.

But he and his mother, Shawn-Daria, made an agreement.

She signed him up to play football, but the list was long.

Amber and Scarlette have remained in the Chicago area while he concentrates on earning a position with the Cowboys.

They’ve met up here and there throughout the summer – Amber was on hand for Jones’ NFL debut in the Hall of Fame Game – but their relationship over the last few weeks has been shared largely on Face Time.“It’s Face Time every day,” he said. Go to meetings, leave out of the first practice, Face Time.

“She hated me, thought I was annoying, but I worked my way up the line.

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chicago dating spot

Those in Jones’ position, however, don’t get one of the limited invites to the NFL Scouting Combine, so when Northwestern’s Pro Day came around, he knew he had to make it count.“I wasn’t the big-name guy in college; my main role was special teams,” said Jones.His college head coach, Pat Fitzgerald, had also gone to training camp with the Cowboys as a player and recommended the organization.“I had a bunch of teammates who were from Texas, and they loved it,” said Jones.