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Also, I'm much less likely to lose my mask or get water in it.I've tried rolling in face first - but only once ...19th century shipwrecks, natural structure, and artificial reefs are easily accessible from area beaches, permitting virtually every diver to fully enjoy the beautiful diving that the Pensacola area offers. - Pensacola has been an active port since the 1600's, and has accumulated an impressive collection of historic shipwrecks, with more being discovered every year.Divable wrecks, including some wooden hulled vessels dating back to pre-revolutionary war era, can be found in as little as 15 feet of water, or you can visit wrecks as deep as 180'.

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The marine life on these areas can be amazing, and these are the favorite destinations of those who seek lobsters.

Perched on the border between the Florida and Alabama Gulf coasts, Pensacola, Florida is well known for its beautiful white sand beaches, fantastic fishing, a rich history which dates back to the 1500s, and as the home for Navy Flight Training and the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron.

Pensacola has however been long overlooked as the incredible dive destination that it really is.

Much of the areas success is due to the outstanding efforts by clubs, local governments, organizations, and individuals to continuously create artificial reef structure to support marine life.

Examples of artificial reefs vary greatly, and include: ships, vehicles, aircraft, concrete rubble and structures, army tanks, radio towers, and virtually anything else that can be made environmentally safe. - The natural reefs in the Panhandle region differ somewhat from the reefs normally encountered further south.

Often divers in a smaller boat, with little room to move, sit on the sides to dress in their diving equipment.