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When Lennon was a little boy, he loved visiting the divine services. Westminster bells could unconsciously have inspired him to the beginning of Please Please Me. In All You Need Is Love Lennon sings the refrain twice unchanged and then suddenly the third time, rises a little, a very expressive and important step up.

There is also anthem music in the beginning of All You Need Is Love: "love love love…".–The lamentation second. That step up started in the baroque epoch, and was called The lamentation second.

At first Lennon wanted it to be released as a single, but Mc Cartney sabotaged it by letting two amateur teenagers sing the chorus falsely, and out of time.

You have to watch the Beatles Anthology, where George Martin talks about John and then, alone in the control room, plays the original tape of John singing Across the Universe.

George Martin didn't understand the quality in that. In Tomorrow Never Knows there is only one chord, or bass note, an innovation in pop music.

In his orchestration of it in Off The Beatle Track, Martin excludes the octave, the most important bit of the song! Typical for Lennon is a melody followed by a resolve, for example in No Reply "…I saw the light! In the Middle Ages it was common with that bordun note, an unchanged bass note.

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The talking in the end of Hey Bulldog.–The most excellent and lovely melodies: The middle part of Bad to Me, the middle part of This Boy, the middle part of Yes it Is and the middle part of Nobody Loves You.?When Lennon played it the first time to George Martin, Martin didn't like it.

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