Single fathers and dating

15-Jun-2018 06:33

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dating expectations in the 1980 s

The shift from the traditional nuclear family to one-parent homes has been dramatic in the United States.

"In many Western industrialized societies, the one-parent family is becoming more common and tolerated (Encyclopedia Britannica, 1999)." However they often have not proven to be successful."Since 1970, the percentage of children living with single parents has doubled, from 12 to 27 percent, because of the increases in the divorce rate and the number of unmarried parents.

When the true purpose of sex education and federal aid is to help strengthen the mother and her child so that they can eventually lead productive lives.

Children from homes run by teenage mothers have to face almost insurmountable obstacles in life.

A boy needs a male role model in his life so that he can learn how to become a man.